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Collecting Otherwise



14 December 2022

Recap Feminist Assembly Month

In September 2022, Het Nieuwe Instituut organised a series of activities with the aim of bringing together different gen...

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14 September 2022

Collecting Otherwise: Anarrangement — a roundtable on collaborative curating

How does the force of an archive shape curatorial work? What forms of sociality emerge from the process of working with ...

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30 May 2022

Setareh Noorani joins the Navigating Barriers and Conflicts panel at Pakhuis de Zwijger

The institute's Setareh Noorani joined Thobile Chittenden, Fulco Treffers and Meghann Ormond for an evening exploring co...

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23 May 2022

Hannah Dawn Henderson at Rijksacademie Open Studios

Working Group member Hannah Dawn Henderson, artist in residence at the Rijksacademie, exhibited _Blueprints, constructin...

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25 April 2022

University of Amsterdam Students Research VBW Case Study

In January 2022, students of the University of Amsterdam MSc in Archival and Information Studies (led by Dr Annet Dekker...

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12 April 2022

Gathering #5: Post/De/Colonial

On Thursday 24 March, Collecting Otherwise gathered in the intimate and familiar setting of Zoom, to host the soft take-...

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6 March 2022

A Wandering Conversation on Preservation

Artist and Working Group member Hannah Dawn Henderson wanders and wonders on inhabiting as preserving.

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21 February 2022

Opening Up Architectural and Building Archives

This project is particularly interested in how more ephemeral artefacts - often part of collections-in-progress that inc...

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4 January 2022

Collecting Otherwise 2021 in Review

Every year, the multi-year Collecting Otherwise project works within an 'iteration'. In 2021, the focus was Seen/Unseen:...

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17 December 2021

Gathering #4: Soft Closing

On Thursday 9 December, the Collecting Otherwise team and Working Group gathered for the last time this year to [softly]...

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16 December 2021

Essay: The Living Archive

Researcher Federica Notari wrote this essay as her contribution to Gathering #4: Soft Closing, marking the end of the fi...

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19 October 2021

Gathering #3: Accessing the Trans-Institutional Archive

An evening highlighting the collaborative efforts and multi-layered dynamics that play into the existence of archives bo...

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