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Network Archives Design and Digital Culture



The Network Archives Design and Digital Culture unites a number of partners, who together take care of Dutch design heritage. Combining the strength and knowledge of the partners - including museums, heritage, educational and cultural institutions, knowledge institutes, makers, designers and government offices - gives an extra boost to all the different archives.

Allard Pierson

Allard Pierson manages and displays the heritage collections of the University of Amsterdam. The specialists who work there are happy to share their knowledge and the collections are available to everyone. The Allard Pierson offers exhibitions, guided tours, research and study, lectures, meetings with experts, meeting rooms, internships, children's activities, symposia, summer schools, lectures, a museum café and a shop. Over time, many collectors, libraries and heritage institutions have housed their collections at the University of Amsterdam. Students, researchers and enthusiasts use the collections for source research on a daily basis.


ArtEZ has approximately 3000 students in bachelor's and master's programmes in the visual arts, design, architecture, music, dance and theatre. Its art education is recognised for its high quality according to international standards. Graduates know their position and strengths, have developed their artistry and craft, and are able to give these social meaning in collaboration with others.


BNO is an association founded by designers for designers. Its history stretches back more than 100 years. Even more importantly, at the present time the BNO is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. It forms a professional team that supports and promotes designers and their profession in all kinds of ways.

Creative Industries Fund NL

The Creative Industries Fund NL is the cultural fund for design, architecture and digital culture. The fund aims to make a substantial contribution to the quality of professional design practice within, and especially between, these disciplines. The Creative Industries Fund supports unusual and innovative projects and activities by designers, makers and cultural institutions.

Cool Mediators Foundation

The Cool Mediators Foundation was established in 2008 to develop interactive public events in collaboration with organisations from the cultural and public sector. Cool Mediators develops internet-based tools for public discussion, new forms of public participation in cultural events, and related digital tools for documentation and archiving.


DEN is the organisation in the Netherlands that inspires, facilitates and supports the culture sector (heritage-managing and culture-producing institutions and makers) in the important challenge of digital transformation. DEN works together with cultural institutions to make the sector digitally competent and thus increase the social relevance of culture.

Design Museum Den Bosch

Design Museum Den Bosch is a museum dedicated to historical, contemporary and future design.

Paulien Dresscher

Paulien Dresscher is an independent researcher and curator in the field of digital culture. She is involved with PublicSpaces, Fontys Hogeschool, the Netherlands Film Festival, ITGWO and the Noorderlicht Festival. She also teaches media philosophy and interactive storytelling curation at Utrecht University.

Dutch Design Foundation

The Dutch Design Foundation organises Dutch Design Week, World Design Embassies, the Dutch Design Awards and Design Works. The foundation strengthens the position and significance of Dutch designers and shows how designers worldwide can shape a positive future.

Dutch Digital Heritage Network

The Dutch Digital Heritage Network (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed) was set up so that the heritage sector can jointly develop a system of national facilities and services to improve the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage. By linking heritage information, it also ensures the greater social added value of our digital heritage and offers its users a better and richer experience.

Dutch Graphic Roots

Dutch Graphic Roots is an online platform with a collection of over 50 stories about the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers.

Dutch Invertuals

Dutch Invertuals is a leading design organisation from Eindhoven. Since 2009 it has developed local, national and international design projects that are vision-driven and respond to future-oriented social challenges and issues. Dutch Invertuals works with an ever-growing network of more than 90 progressive design specialists from various design disciplines.



EKWC is a centre of excellence for ceramics that hosts an international artist-in-residence programme. For over 50 years, it has welcomed artists, designers and architects from all over the world to experiment with clay. Residences produce special works of art as well as technical innovations. The results can be seen in museums from New York to Tokyo.


Eye Film Museum

Eye Film Museum is the only museum for film and the art of the moving image in the Netherlands. Eye's collection includes more than 54,000 Dutch and international films and a multitude of posters, photos, film equipment, books and personal archives, including the renowned Unesco World Heritage collection of film pioneer Jean Desmet. Eye preserves, restores and screens films, from classics to blockbusters, and from early avant-garde movies to the latest VR experiments.



FIBER is a festival and platform for ground-breaking artistic productions that explore urgent social issues through the creative application of advanced technology. FIBER offers makers and thinkers a platform and space for research through its continuous programme. In this way, FIBER contributes to talent development within digital culture, offers space for experimentation and research, and, through its themes, contributes to the development of new design approaches to social challenges.


Het Nieuwe Instituut

Based on current developments, Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to increase the appreciation of the cultural-social significance of architecture, design and digital culture, as well as to strengthen the interaction between these disciplines.


Frederike Huygen

Frederike Huygen is a former curator of design, the chair of Design History NL, and an author, researcher and university lecturer in the history of graphic design.


ISEA Symposium Archives

The International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) started in 1988 in the Netherlands and was held all over the world since. The archives contain academic papers and documentation on art works. Since ISEA2020, the ISEA archives organise an annual Summit on New Media Art Archiving, taking place during the ISEA symposia.


Riemer Knoop

Riemer Knoop is a cultural advisor, essayist, former member of the Board of Culture, evaluator of the Mondriaan Fund's scheme for the future of design archives, former cultural heritage lecturer at Reinwardt Academy AHK and project leader of Straatwarden, in collaboration with Sustainism Lab (Michiel Schwarz).



LIMA is the leading platform for digital art in the Netherlands. As an international pioneer and centre of expertise for archiving, distribution and preservation, it offers various services and researches and develops digital preservation strategies and tools for creators and collections. It works with a large (inter)national multidisciplinary network that includes museums, artists and universities.


Louis Kalff Institute

The Louis Kalff Institute is the heritage centre for industrial design archives, located in Eindhoven. The focus is on the conservation and management of endangered industrial design heritage. This material is made accessible and (digitally) available for education, research and presentation, for example in publications, lectures and exhibitions.


MacGuffin Magazine

Zooming in on a mundane yet infinitely enigmatic object, each issue of the biannual MacGuffin combines meticulous research with illuminating imagery. From the humble bed to the window, editors Kirsten Algera and Ernst van der Hoeven, helped by graphic designer Sandra Kassenaar, dig up stories that circle around the chosen topic and define its context.


Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is a versatile and idiosyncratic museum in the heart of the port city of Rotterdam. It is the only museum in the Netherlands where visitors can browse through Western art history from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Job Meihuizen

Job Meihuizen managed the heritage and history programme at Premsela. In that capacity, he organised the heritage conference Bewaar Me (Save Me, 2009) and set up the National Design Archive (NOA) in 2011 with the support of the RKD and the NAI, among others.


National Library of the Netherlands


Based on the power of the written word, the KB contributes to a smarter, more skilled and more creative Netherlands. The KB does this together with partners in the fields of heritage, science and public libraries. As a national library, the KB makes the Netherlands' library collection visible, usable and sustainable.


Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision manages one of the largest digitised media archives in the world, packed with radio, TV, YouTube videos, objects, printed media, podcasts and games. The institute preserves the daily expanding media collection as heritage for posterity. At the same time, it closely follows the movements of the global media landscape. The starting point for all Sound and Vision activities is the importance of free media for our democracy.


The Palace of Typographic Masonry

The Palace of Typographic Masonry makes a plea for the richness and variety of graphic languages ​​and their value to our society. The intrinsic function of graphic design and the profession's imagination and poetry are emphasised in an ever-expanding Gesammtkunstwerk of exhibitions, publications and other initiatives.

Website connects the heritage of the Dutch performing arts and opens them up to creators, researchers and audiences. The ultimate goal is a complete and accessible digital overview of the Dutch performing arts heritage, which makes the history of the Dutch performing arts come alive and can be a source of inspiration for creators.


Poppe & Partners

Poppe & Partners creates, produces and supports mixed media productions.


Research Centre Willem de Kooning Academy

Professorship Autonomous Practices

The Willem de Kooning Academy's knowledge centre focuses on transdisciplinary artistic research in collaboration with other knowledge domains where artists and designers contribute their way of thinking and working.


Robert van Rixtel

Robert van Rixtel is the driving force behind the Roots heritage series and the platform He was a long-time board member of the NAGO and the Wim Crouwel Institute and is a co-initiator and board member of the Louis Kalff Institute, the heritage centre for industrial design. He edits Dutch Design Daily, the daily publication on design (heritage).


RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History

The RKD makes knowledge, research and information about the art of the Netherlands in an international context accessible worldwide to museums, academia and the public. The RKD manages, preserves, researches, displays and publishes art historical knowledge and information for museums, academia and the public. The RKD's aim is to actively involve the public in developments and ambitions in the field of (digital) services, public outreach and digital sustainability.


Nadine Roestenburg

Nadine Roestenburg is a curator and researcher interested in the influence of digital technology and the internet on art, culture and society. She is currently a research leader in post-digital cultures at Fontys Hogescholen and a curator for STRP, a cultural arts and technology organisation in Eindhoven.


Niels Schrader

Niels Schrader is a concept-driven information designer who explores how social, political and environmental processes are driven and influenced by digital technologies. He is the founder of design studio Mind Design, a member of the AGI - Alliance Graphique Internationale and co-head of the graphic design department and the master's programme in non-linear narrative at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


Floor van Spaendonck

Floor van Spaendonck is director of Bureau Europa, the platform for architecture and design, and advisor to the cultural sector. Heritage, policy and innovation issues are her specialism. She brings her experience as former director of the Virtueel Platform, former board member of DEN and other heritage roles to her present involvement with NADD.


Niko Spelbrink

In 1969, Niko Spelbrink was one of the founders of BRS maatschap van vormgevers, later BRS Premsela Vonk, which has helped shape design in the Netherlands for more than half a century. The latest reincarnation of the company now operates as EdenSpiekermann Amsterdam. See also Niko Spelbrink's page on Dutch Graphic Roots.



The TextielMuseum is an active, dynamic and creative museum where past and present come together. Textiles are shown from different disciplines: design, art and industrial heritage. The textile making process is central to this. A diverse range of exhibitions and activities shows visitors the craft and creativity behind textiles and inspires them to take an active role themselves.



Thonik is the Amsterdam designer collective led by designers Nikki Gonnissen and Thomas Widdershoven. Thonik offers its clients a visual voice that stands out from the crowd. The design collective has its roots firmly in society and is a willing participant in the dialogue about what is right and fair.


Anja Tollenaar

Anja Tollenaar is a museum curator and design-archive expert. Since 2004, she has worked for organisations involved in Dutch design heritage and the Dutch Digital Heritage Network. Her background is in cultural sciences with a specialisation in design history. She likes to share know-how on conservation, management, access to and presentation of (digital) heritage, public outreach and cross-domain collaboration.


University of Amsterdam (UvA), Archival and Information Studies

Archival and Information Studies focuses on contemporary archival theory and practice, educating students in the science and craft of archiving and providing insight into the archives of the past and future.


The Utrecht Archives (HUA)

The Utrecht Archives collects and preserves the sources of Utrecht history. HUA connects the inhabitants of the city and province by collectively telling the story of the history of Utrecht. HUA is a leading centre of expertise for information management and an expert partner for institutions and governments in the region.


V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (V2_Lab voor de instabiele media) is an interdisciplinary centre for art and technology in Rotterdam. V2 presents, produces, archives and publishes research at the intersection of art, technology and society.



Waag has been operating as a research institution for 25 years at the intersection of art, science and technology. It explores the social and cultural impact of new technologies based on the values ​​of openness, fairness and inclusivity.


Wim Crouwel Institute

The Wim Crouwel Institute is engaged in stimulating and supporting scientific education and research in the field of graphic design and visual culture, and in making heritage graphic design accessible to students and researchers.