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Archive Explorations

Containing the collections of some of the most important architects and urban planners in the Netherlands, the State Archive for Architecture and Urban Planning provides an insight into the development of Dutch architecture and society over the past 130 years. Each item in the collection of the four million drawings, sketches, models, professional and personal correspondence, photos, posters and news clippings has a story to tell. But many of these stories have remained untold because nobody has yet uncovered them. For the series of evenings entitled Archive Explorations we invite a range of people to undertake a journey of discovery in the archive in order to introduce new perspectives.

Podcasts and articles

21 April 2022

Green in the City #3 Museum Park

With the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning as a starting point, theatre and radio maker Naom...

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25 October 2021

Green in the City #2 The Bijlmermeer

Using the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning as a springboard, Naomi Steijger, theatre and ra...

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5 May 2021

Green in the City #1 Vreewijk Garden Suburb, Rotterdam

With the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning as a point of departure, theatre and radio produc...

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Past events

8 October 2020

Plastic! The Zip-a-Tone, Letraset, Mecanorma and more

Many post-war design drawings, pamphlets and posters in Het Nieuwe Instituut's archives incorporate rub-down lettering o...

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26 September 2019

Queer Houses and Places

Are there places designed for or by queer communities? Or is it mainly a history of communities appropriating spaces? To...

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12 September 2019

The Community Centre

In recent years a lot has happened in the area of ​​community centres. After restrictive measures caused spending cuts a...

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4 July 2019

Cornelis van Eesteren And The Current Professional Debate

Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen (EFL) foundation present Archive Explorations, an evening...

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23 May 2019

"Backward Boys And Subnormal Girls"

How do you design a living space for someone who cannot indicate their specific housing needs or wishes? How can a safe ...

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12 April 2018

Decolonial Gaze

Join our quest for a more varied perspective of the shared heritage from Indonesia, Suriname and the Netherlands, combin...

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5 October 2017

Through the Photographer’s Lens

A kaleidoscopic evening of architectural photography taking the State Archive of Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning a...

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6 April 2017

Feminisms in Architecture

On 6 April 2017 Thursday Night Live! was about feminisms in architecture and a manifestation of work by women that is in...

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2 February 2017

Squatting the Archive!

This evening the State Archive for Architecture and Urban Planning was squatted in order to explore traces of the Nether...

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15 September 2016

Through Queer Eyes

Is there such a thing as 'queer space', and can it be designed? During this evening event, the National Archive of Dutch...

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