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Thursday Night Detour with Naomi

In the month of June, we celebrate the Rotterdam Architecture Month. In the spirit of this you can join us for the free Thursday Night Detour about architecture which explores the museum building and its surroundings through her unique and distinctive lens of the Detour Guide Naomi He-Ji.

1 June 2023 15:30 - 16:30

A woman in orange and purple training suit is standing in the middle with her right hands on her waist.

Naomi He-Ji, Detour Guide. Photo credit: Isa de Jong. Nieuwe Instituut.

As a Detour Guide, I want to bring people closer to themselves and give them the reassurance that everyone can be themselves, in any way they want to be.

Naomi He-Ji (Detour Guide)

Thursday Night Detour

Every Thursday night a Detour Guide takes you on a free Detour through one of the exhibitions on display at the Nieuwe Instituut. Discover design, digital culture and architecture from the perspective of your guide. Every Detour is different: you might end up working on a joint choreography or designing a space for insects.

How to join

The Thursday Night Detour is free to join. Please report to the front desk at the Nieuwe Instituut at 5.25pm and inform a staff member that you would like to take part. Up to 15 visitors can join the Thursday Night Detour.