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An Apocalyptic Soundtrack of the City

Rosi Braidotti and Shay Kreuger explore how music has been used to articulate our desires and emotions on the way to the apocalypse. With special guest Extinction Rebellion.

14 June 2023 17:30 - 19:00

A lady with short silver hair holding her hands together in a black leather jacket leaning to the handrail and smiling.

Rosi Braidotti. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn.

From David Bowie to Prince, and Billie Eilish to Doe Maar: the end of the world (or ’the apocalypse’) has been sung about for decades. Rosi Braidotti and Shay Kreuger continue their series of talks on how music allows us to express our desires and perceptions of the world and help us face our fears. If the world does have to end, then let's at least go down dancing.

Joining their conversation is the international activist movement Extinction Rebellion who voice their deep concerns for the climate and ecological crisis, and fight for a livable and just planet.


  • 19:15 hr: Doors open at the Auditorium
  • 19:30 hr: Introduction by Francien van Westrenen (Head of Agency, Nieuwe Instituut)
  • 19:35 hr: Lecture by Rosi Braidotti
  • 19:50 hr: Conversation with Rosi Braidotti and Shay Kreuger
  • 20:25 hr: Conversation with Extinction Rebellion and Shay Kreuger
  • 20:40 hr: Conversation with all speakers and Q&A


Language: English | Location: Nieuwe Instituut | Tickets: €10,-/5,-/,0,-