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16 June 2023

Book launch: Automated Landscapes

Join us for the launch of Automated Landscapes, jointly hosted by the Nieuwe Instituut and the TU Delft at its Faculty o...

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Past events

25 May 2023

The Tool Shed: About Neighbourly Borrowing

Unlock the 'Tool Shed' and join in on conversations about tools of access with Collecting Otherwise, Working Group membe...

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20 April 2023

Threads of Commonality

In this edition of Research Nights, representatives of STORE Rotterdam and Nieuwe Instituut's Co-learning department sha...

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3 November 2022

An Evening With Aminata Cairo and Research Nights

Aminata Cairo tells us about her take on inclusion, using music, dance and words, during this interactive evening. Plus,...

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4 September 2022

Wiki edit-a-thon: female architects

Women are still largely under-represented in architecture and the history of architecture. Under the professional guidan...

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1 September 2022

An Evening with DIG IT UP, Süheyla Yalçın and Cijntje

Join us for the kick-off of Feminist Assembly Month and the opening of DIG IT UP's installation _Hear Her. _Plus the Fem...

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31 March 2022

Research Infrastructures: On Public and Collective Research Practices

What kind of infrastructures support doing research in collective and public ways? Three international groups, all Het N...

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11 March 2021

Lithium Cosmologies and Energy Landscapes

What is the story behind the creation of a battery powered future? Through contributions by Unknown Fields (Kate Davies ...

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30 October 2020

Vertical Atlas – world.orbit

Vertical Atlas - world.orbit is a public research project focusing on a critical and generative engagement with satellit...

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9 October 2020

Marine Zoönomy at Impakt Festival

In this public design-scenario research workshop, participating artists, designers, architects and experts investigate m...

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12 December 2019

Curating the City

Director of Research at Het Nieuwe Instituut Marina Otero Verzier will take part in the _Curating The City_, in Bologna ...

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10 October 2019

Spirits in the Material World

In _Spirits in the Material World_, artist Heman Chong reflects on spaces that exist in the darkness; the slippages into...

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12 September 2019

Extraterritorial Zoöperation

What does a society look like that is no longer human-centric? Het Nieuwe Instituut is looking for 20 volunteers to part...

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